Monday, September 29, 2014

Diminishing US Supremacy!

At some point in time we all get so influenced by the US supremacy across the universe that we tend to forget that the muscle power US has build over the period of time is largely by hiding gross crimes, genocides, crimes against humanity, adding fuel to the mad weapon race, increasing their footprint by hooliganism. Be it Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, African nations (the list goes on and on). People should mind that the reigning power of the dollar is going to diminish very soon and US is almost on the brink of a disaster (mother of all disasters) that no one could even imagine. The Saudi rejection of the USD in exclusive oil payments is going to be one news which eventually would rock the entire world. China & Saudi Arab is gelling very well. China & Russia have a strategy which will continue reducing the probabilities of a full scale nuclear war. Russia wants to decrease the influence which USA has over Europe which of course is a time consuming exercise, and one should not undervalue the horrific instability that China wishes within the Asian region by making them economically stronger than USA.
The countdown of USA started as early as the great depression but in 1950 there was a huge surge in the number of Malls being opened across USA, the numbers started dwindling rapidly in 2009 & right now there are so many struggling properties which are shuttered down completely or partially.
There are a few interesting links which I am mentioning below, I am sure this would be informative to most, since the so called (corrupt) new age media doesn't have the  guts to highlight the truth.

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